Flight Training

Consider the 40 hr Private Pilot

or the 20 hr LSA Certificate

So, how much does it cost to learn to fly a powered aircraft?

The FAA Regulations require:

  • 20 hours of dual, which will include dual cross country and night training
  • 20 hours of solo, which will include your cross county time and other solo requirements.

Letís suppose you make it in the minimum time, hereís the math based on a $130/hr aircraft and $45/hr CFI:

  • 20 x [130+45] = $3500 DUAL, your time with an instructor
  • 20 x 130 = $2600 SOLO, your time as Pilot in Command

Books $300
Examiner $350
Exam rental $150

TOTAL $6,900.00

A daunting challenge. More realistically, though, youíll be looking at about $8,500.00. This gives you an extra 10 or 15 hours solo mixed with some dual and practice time youíll probably need, and catch up time for those long gaps that come up when thereís a crisis at home or severe weather limiting your time up.

The LSA certificate require 15 hours dual and 5 hours solo. Instructor rates are the same but the aircraft rental is $125.00/hr, for about $2875 plus books, examiner. Still, allow for some extra hours solo time beyond the published minimums. Very few make it in the minimum time.

It can cost more if flying is difficult for you to grasp. Itís like singing, not everyone can carry a tune, and some folks couldnít find middle C if you pounded it for them on the piano continually. This same genetic challenge occurs with oneís ability to manage an aircraft. It does happen, but youíll likely know after a few hours of dual whether or not youíre cut out to become a pilot. Youíre instructor will be patient and will never rush you, but sooner or later youíll need to know if you can solo, and usually YOU are the best judge of whether or not to continue.

It is the most fun youíll have for a long time to come, and youíll soon see why so many youngsters start their careers early flying at the local field close to home, which Boerne and Northwest San Antonio is lucky to have at Boerne Stage Field.

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