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FACILITY: The Boerne Stage Airfield is a privately owned, public use facility. The land is permanently dedicated for use as an airfield and recorded as such in accordance with the State of Texas Property Tax Board Code for such a dedication. A covenant in the Bexar County Deed and Plat records so states this dedication.

HANGAR SITES: Click on the PDF file below for a complete look at the remaining hangar sites, suitable for use as loft hangars with small offices or crash pads, or simple aircraft storage. The west side subdivision carries a restriction for decorative stone or brick finishwork around the operational door if there is room for it, or around the walk doors or airconditioned space entrances. Most of the owners in this section will have upstairs decks for recreational use, but it is not a requirement. The west side subdivision also has certain lots large enough to support an on site sewage facility [OSSF] and the smaller lots have available to them a small treatment plant operated by the airport. The smaller lots that tie in to this treatment plant may not be occupied full time by families with children. There is a limit to the number of tie ins for full time occupancy based on plant capacity, if you plan on having an office or apartment. If this is a consideration for you, it is strongly suggested that you occupy a residential lot at Threshold Ranch or purchase a larger half acre hangar lot, or a common wall unit as described in the PDF file, where an OSSF will be installed serving the condo occupants. When capacity is reached for sewer on the small lots, no more full time occupants will be permitted.

PLANS: Each individual lot is sized for a specific hangar door width. 60 feet yielding a 50 to 55 feet door, 70 feet yielding a 60 to 65 feet door, and so on. The layout of hangars and the ability to access the rear of your hangar by a small driveway down the side will be regulated by the Architectural Review Committee [ARC] and this regulation will result in each hangar having at least one side with a total of 10 feet for a driveway. For example, the 5 ft side setback on the west side of lot X combined with the 5 ft side setback on the east side of lot Y yields 10 feet for paving for rear access. This minimizes the loss of precious space on the ground needed for your door width. This applies primarily to lots located on the west boundary of the airport where there is a 28 feet utility line easement that lends nicely to rear access and a garage door on the rear wall. Plus there is a 30 feet rear access easement on the northern lots.

TAXIWAY ACCESS: A concrete taxiway serves this area with two ties to the main runway, one at the very end and another at the numbers, nominal 25 feet width in a 60 feet dedicated easement area. The 20 feet front setback where no parking is allowed creates a total wing clear area of 100 feet.

Electricity is overhead on the west boundary and underground elsewhere. Telephone is also available. The private well currently serves this area with water, but in a few years that will likely change to city of San Antonio water as a main is planned adjacent to the airport with construction estimated to begin in 2008. Current water system is included with your land as the airport does not operate a public water system and, by law, does not charge for water.

AIRPORT AREA MAINTENANCE: The Facility Fee is based on the revenue earned from a basic tiedown, or $50.00 per month, and is tied to airport capacity. It is billed annually to lot owners at $600.00, and an owner may take the option to semi-annually. Sublets on private property are also charged this fee.

Click here for a complete set of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

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