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Now servicing ROTAX Engines

Shop Manager

Chuck Reynolds, A&P/I.A.

Chuck takes on the role of shop manager as he returns after a tour of duty running an LSA factory in CZ. Chuck was technician with Boerne Stage Aero Service before his departure for Europe, and we sure are glad to see him back. His is a lifetime of experience on aircraft airframes, piston & turbine engines, and accessories.

"Senior Tech"

Brannock Berry, A&P, I.A.

  Project in the background is an annual inspection for the Seneca III which included replacement of the nose gear retraction assembly and modification of the engine cowlings with the Lopresti Speed Merchants "howl cowls".  Brannock obviously enjoys cleaning the injector nozzles.  He was a Navy man serving on submarines and prior to his move to Boerne was shop manager for the Geronimo Conversions company.  He’s a mainstay now at Aero Service with 16 years on the field.

"Frat Mom"

Michelle Rockhill

Engine overhauls, airframe mods & enhancements, pressure vessels and turbine inspections are part of our total experience.  Michelle will take your call and handle your service order or put you in direct contact with the technician in charge, whichever gets your questions answered and info to you quickly and with minimum hassle.  

  Boerne Stage Aero recent projects have included a Grumman Tiger top overhaul; a flight school Lycoming 0-360 returned to service with the PowerFlo Exhaust, sporting a 15% power boost; a new Garmin 430 and Powerflo Exhaust for Mark Littlestar’s 180hp 172; several panel upgrades to Garmin 430 and 530, and prop replacements.

This Cessna 310 gets new glass all the way around, a new interior & instrument panel with digital engine instruments

Very proud of our 1947 J-3 completion.  Zero timed from the tailwheel to the nose bowl, with original panel & instrumentation.

Some shops sneer at owner participation; we just charge a small additional fee.  Seriously, you’re welcome to help, learn & save a little



$60.00 per hour


Boerne Stage Aero Service is a value conscious shop. As pilots and owner operators, we understand the cost issues of unscheduled maintenance, and the safety implications of unscheduled events. This shop will always strive to keep you informed so you can make wise choices on items that need attention now and when deferred maintenance is acceptable, always keeping in accordance with the Federal Aviation Regulations. We strive to keep surprises at a minimum, and to keep you informed of your aircraft's overall condition from each oil change, to each 100 hour inspection and through each annual inspection. Preventive maintenance is the key to long term economical operation and component parts reaching their life expectancy. Boerne Stage Aero Service will always have your best interests in mind, and your operating budget. This is real value that puts safety first, yields quality work and promotes integrity of the process.


Our goal is to be as value conscious as you are in pricing services beyond labor. We desire to meet or beat advertised prices from discount vendors, keeping in mind that freight from out of state is usually the only difference in our parts price versus theirs. Overnight freight items or items that we must pay more for in order to meet an emergency deadline might not always be the best price available when it is a special order; but if getting you back in the air today is what matters most, then that slightly higher price from the “not the cheapest” vendor is acceptable to us, and hopefully to you. Boerne Stage Aero Service keeps in stock the most common items required at 25, 50 or 100 hour intervals including some engine components, and many other items like gaskets, belts and baffles.


Fasteners, felt, fluids, lubricants other than oil, aviation grade greases and other items in this catch-all category will not be itemized on your invoice. Instead, a flat rate of $20.00 noted as "shop supply" will appear on service invoices typically including 100 hours, annual inspections, or other repairs where these type supplies are consumed.


We do flat rate annual inspections and are happy to quote directly your make & model.  Engine overhauls, PowerFlo Exhausts, Laminar Flow mods, engine instrument upgrades [digital and analogue] including Electronics Intl and JPI, and many airframe speed enhancements are part of our complete service program. Please remember our value oriented approach when considering a major alteration or improvement to your aircraft.

400 Boerne Stage Field, Boerne, TX 78006     

830-981-2345 x20,21     


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