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400 Boerne Stage Airfield
Boerne, Texas 78006-5144
Phone: 830-981-2345 x21 weekends, x10 weekdays
Fax: 830-755-8108
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San Antonio Soaring Society, Inc.

The San Antonio Soaring Society, inc. (SASSi) is a nonprofit club that provides facilities for individuals to meet who have a common interest in soaring. This includes glider pilots of all levels, student pilots, families and crews, and interested non-pilots. One of our purposes is to further their common interest, encourage training, promote flight safety, the general advancement of Soaring in this area, and for social fellowship.

To encourage the maximum participation in soaring SASSi keeps glider rental and aero-tow costs to an absolute minimum. SASSi is one of the most economical sites to learn and participate in soaring in the country.

SASSi pilots are affiliated with the Soaring Society of America Inc. (SSA) and all SASSi pilots must maintain SSA membership. SSA dues are $64.00 per year.

All SASSi members must complete the SASSi application form, which must be approved by a member of the SASSi Board of Directors, and pay applicable initiation fees and dues. The initiation fee for Full membership is $200 and the monthly dues are $50/month. Full members have full access to SASSi resources and services. Associate members have full access to SASSi resources except for the gliders. The initiation fee for Associate membership is $200 and the monthly dues are $25/month. While Full membership is encouraged, visiting or transient SSA members can join SASSi as Visiting members. Visiting member dues are $50/day. SASSi Tow-Pilot members are volunteers that pay no initiation fees or dues and get limited use of SASSi gliders in return.

For students just learning to fly SASSi offers an Instructional membership that has no monthly dues. Upon obtaining an FAA certificate Instructional members must become Full, Associate, or Tow-Pilot members.

SASSi is available on a weather permitting basis, by appointment. Walk-ons are OK on weekends, but there are no guarantees for flight time if you have not called in advance to schedule. Of course you are invited to hang around and get checked out on local procedures, the airfield, and meet other SASSi pilots...just come on down!

The Discover Soaring gift certificate is a great surprise for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, and all special occasions. It is especially nice for the already licensed power pilot, as most have a curiosity about soaring and the implications of skill enhancements commonly associated with the sport. SASSi honors Soaring Adventures of America coupons, and welcomes visitors and fun seekers to take a soaring flight soon. Books, flight manuals, charts, and other popular materials are on hand. /

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